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Current Exhibit

JCC 7TH Annual Student Art Exhibition

Past Exhibits

Hello! My name is Jessica Gusch, and I'm a self taught acrylic pour artist living here in Jackson. Like many of us stuck inside during the days of covid lockdowns I went looking for new things to try. I had become acquainted with basic acrylic pouring techniques through videos and posts online, and was amazed at what I was seeing some artists do with the style. I began experimenting with different formulas and pouring styles, learning how the paint behaves, and how to manipulate it into beautiful and sometimes surprising designs. I love coming up with new formulas and seeing how even very small tweaks to a recipe can have such big results on the canvas. It's one of the best ways I've ever found to artistically express myself, and it's incredible watching the art evolve over time.

Anything but Ordinary

I began creating stained glass wind chimes 2 years ago after visiting my son who was stationed at MCAS Cherry Point in North Carolina. While touring the local town, I stopped at a shop selling all sorts of glass art. I love wind chimes and saw an intriguing piece hanging in the window. The price tag almost burned my fingers as I turned it around! I couldn’t believe they wanted so much for a piece of driftwood with a half dozen oval shaped pieces of glass hanging from it!
The first year was a little tough; learning by trial and error,(with scrap glass),the proper tools and methods to cut and drill glass. Once I became confident enough with my skills, I began to purchase precut strips of glass, drilling and attaching them to basic wire forms that I had hand crafted myself, but I wanted to go further and found I could not make intricate cuts with the standard glass cutting tool that you buy at the local hardware store. On my birthday that year my husband,David,bought me a wet saw and my creative talents exploded!
I expanded my creativity the following year to include new glass items to add to my wind chimes, such as coasters, sun catchers, resin paintings, and pot picks; (small glass designs attached to a wire stem to stick in potted plants). I just recently added bottle lights as a new item.
I devote quality and care to ever piece I make. I never make the same piece twice, thus creating the most unique wind chimes and other glass items that you’ll ever find.
I hope you enjoy viewing my creations as much as I enjoy creating them, and I hope that you agree that they are “Anything But Ordinary”!

These masterpieces may not be available for viewing in the main gallery any longer, but they are still dear to our hearts.  Enjoy this web showcase of the past exhibits at Jackson Center for the Arts! 

Interested in booking a future showcase?  Don't hesitate to reach out and request dates we have available for gallery openings.

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