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Steve Bergeson

I received my BS degree in K-12 Art Education from Minnesota State University @ Moorhead. In my 23 year teaching career I have taught and coached over 8,000 K-12 students in Minnesota and Iowa. I taught drawing, painting, pottery, sculpture, photography, and design. My love; since I first learned art at Madison High School, Madison, Minnesota from my art teacher Mr. Roger Grammond; has always been painting, especially oil painting.


I have never really settled on a particular style of painting. I have been inspired by futurism, abstraction, geometric abstraction, and American realism. The paintings, style, lighting, atmosphere, and mood of Edward Hopper has always interested me and has inspired me.

I have had only a couple exhibitions in my own professional art career. I have done commission work for clients and my work is in private collections. With my teaching I have had my hands and influence involved with hundreds of thousands of student artworks. I put off doing much of my own personal art due to exhaustion and burn-out from helping others with their art.

I retired from education in 2019. I always said that I would focus on my own art once I retired and could focus my time and energy on my own art. That is where I am at this time.  I have many fond memories of growing up, living and teaching in Minnesota and Iowa. I have lived
and worked in Dawson, Madison, Canby, Minneota, Marshall, Montevideo, and Jackson, Minnesota. I also lived in and taught art for nine years in Buffalo Center, Iowa.


Currently my art reflects my nostalgia and memories of buildings, landscapes, and communities of where I grew up and have lived. These places have all helped develop a visual memory and interpretation of my life. I hope my art will help others experience similar feelings and memories of where they grew up and places where they have lived.

Ferman Woodberry


Past Exhibits

These masterpieces may not be available for viewing in the main gallery any longer, but they are still dear to our hearts.  Enjoy this web showcase of the past exhibits at Jackson Center for the Arts! 

Interested in booking a future showcase?  Don't hesitate to reach out and request dates we have available for gallery openings.