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Current  Exhibit

August and September 2023
Opening August 1, 2023
Reception August 4, 2023 at 7 P.M
Artist Talk at 7:45 P.M.

'8 Chapters': Collaborative artwork between Granite Falls, Dakota Community artists-in-residence showcases a journey and story of place.

Two artists from different backgrounds and working in different mediums join to tell an evolving story of a place and its people in "8 Chapters." The next chapter belongs to those who discover what artists Dani Prados and Talon Cavender-Wilson created.

Photo by: Tom Cherveny / West Central Tribune

Upcoming  Exhibits

The Gathering
an Exhibit of Four Local Female Artists

Past  Exhibits

July 2023
Opening Reception July 6th At 6 P.M. 

John Sterner –Native American artist

I am an Artist, Teacher, Coach, Sicangu Lakota, Parent, Husband, Brother, and Son.

I have been involved in art in so many aspects; I have taught art for 28 years...from first graders through university students. I have taught workshops, small groups, community programs and university connected presentations.

I make personal and public art; I work in many mediums: I sculpt in bronze, iron and fabricated steel, I make graphic art on the computer and paper, and I love to paint.  The plains of Minnesota and South Dakota are my heritage, what makes me who I am.  I live in southwestern Minnesota and was born in Flandreau, South Dakota. The opportunity to create art that is culturally incorporating my heritage is an important part of my personal journey to find who I am as a person, instructor, and artist. My personal work is and always has been the search for my belonging to my relatives. 


Almost all of my work includes Wanbli (eagle) or the world they see.  I see their image in all my work and whenever I am creating, their image appears and I am driven to draw and sculpt them or what the Wanbli sees. The eagle represents my spiritual and holy side as well and my connection to family. 

Pov, Dorset, Pang.png

March & April 2023

February 2023

Hello! My name is Jessica Gusch, and I'm a self taught acrylic pour artist living here in Jackson. Like many of us stuck inside during the days of covid lockdowns I went looking for new things to try. I had become acquainted with basic acrylic pouring techniques through videos and posts online, and was amazed at what I was seeing some artists do with the style. I began experimenting with different formulas and pouring styles, learning how the paint behaves, and how to manipulate it into beautiful and sometimes surprising designs. I love coming up with new formulas and seeing how even very small tweaks to a recipe can have such big results on the canvas. It's one of the best ways I've ever found to artistically express myself, and it's incredible watching the art evolve over time.

Anything but Ordinary

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